Food Diversity & Habit Challenge

  • Are you eating a broad variety of foods in your diet?  What did you eat today, yesterday, 2 weeks ago or even last month?  Are you busy and falling into the trap of cooking in bulk on Sunday and eating the same meals for 3 days in a row?

  • Does your plate look alive with colours; reds, greens, purples?

  • Do you have some bad habits ... are they preventing you from moving forward with achieving your health goals?  Are you ready to change them?

  • Have you ever assessed your whole body health starting from the core including; diet, habits, food diversity and exercise.

Let’s work together to make some simple and sustainable changes to your food & health lifestyle.

Being a health coach I still challenge myself and take the food variety challenge every 3 months to ensure my plate looks like the colours of the rainbow.  Life gets busy and we tend to get into bad habits, it’s only natural (Sigh, yes. Even me!)  But the trick is to be and on top of it, and with a sustainable diet (simple, but important changes you can continue to incorporate into daily life all the time) you’ll be less likely to wander far off track. What’s more, it’s my goal to empower you with knowledge here – so you can make healthier choices in any setting – restaurants, cafes, home-cooked and in-a-hurry so you’re less likely to revert to ‘old ways’.

What is included?

  • Initial session 30 minutes via phone/skype. Discussion around your current challenges and goals - what is holding you back and preventing you from moving forward.

  • You will learn about me, my coaching style and background.  Plus ensure we are a good fit to work together to achieve your goals for the future.

  • Food & Habit Challenge document which needs to be completed and returned to me. This will set a benchmark for us to start our discussions around sustainable change to your food variety and habits. 

  • 1 x 60 minute session reviewing your information together and working out the next steps for sustainable change and success.

  • Detailed follow up notes from your session will be emailed to you after with at least one action that you can start with to achieving your goals.


Next Steps:

  • Contact me today and book in for your session which can be done via skype / phone or in person if you are local and receive your Food & Habit challenge document.


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