'Lets Meet in the Pantry' - Pantry restock with Healthy Options

Do you really know how healthy your pantry is?

  • A healthy life style starts with the right ingredients ...

  • When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry? Or assessed whether what you are eating is healthy or are there better options for you and your family?

What’s Included?

  • In this 90 minute discovery session you will introduce me to YOUR pantry; if you live locally then this can be completed with a home visit.  Alternatively it can be completed by you sending me a series of photos and / or video conference

  • From this assessment I will make recommendations of what to ‘KEEP – DISCARD – HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES’.  I will then send you a final report which  will include;

  1. Information to support WHY I recommend changing to the Healthy Alternatives

  2. Detailed shopping list of replacement items with recommended brands and places to purchase them

  3. This package also includes 15 minute email support


The good news is that I’ve done most of the hard work with the label-reading and the ingredient lists! And I can help you find healthier alternatives.  Sneaky preservatives and sugars in many foods can be avoided! Let me guide you towards some sustainable, healthy changes. A ‘pantry check’ can put you on the right track.

Next Steps:

  • Contact me today so that we can discuss your pantry situation and book in for the 90-minute Pantry checker program.

  • There is also the option to add on a shopping trip to your local grocery store for assistance in purchasing the replacement items and further education on food labelling, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions so you can continue to purchase the healthiest products for you and your family.


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