What my clients say....

"I have been training in a studio with a personal trainer, 3 times a week,  for a decade.
I have been using massage to relieve my aches and stiffness that comes from intense workouts. Then one day Liz came into our studio space and offered Pilates classes. I thought I would try it out. Liz has a personal supervision style that I appreciate where she watches her small class of students and gives them hands on tuition as we progress through the one hour class. After my first few classes the benefits started showing in my gym training. I now breath better allowing me to be more technically correct. This has built my confidence, knowing that I am on track with my physical exercise and also keeping my mental focus sharp as Pilates requires full concentration during every micro move that we are asked to make. Liz is a patient and dedicated instructor, her skills are apparent from the first classes attended. "Not all practitioners are equal!"  Thank you Liz for your passion!"

Ardi Melikian 

"So I don’t have to exercise to control my weight! Liz's food education has shown me how to make healthy sustainable choices.  Reaching for a piece of chocolate after dinner or binge eating before a big ride are some of the habits that Liz has helped me change, allowing me to enjoy my exercise rather than stressing about exercise for weight control. Thank you Liz for showing me the path to freedom. I am now able to enjoy both my food and exercise more than ever before."

Malcolm Bonney

"I have been taking Pilates classes with Liz for three months and can already feel the improvement in my core strength, posture, mobility and general well being. The class sizes are small and her supervision, care and customisation of each exercise to each individual attending is amazing. Each class builds on carefully acquired skills, and while challenging are also enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. I would do a class with Liz everyday if I could!"
Rebecca Thomas


"I have been working with Liz Trezies for about one year. She has helped me implement a sustainable wellness program that looks at exercise and diet so that I can incorporate it into my day to day life and family routine.  Liz is a terrific motivator, she has extensive knowledge about all aspects of nutrition and healthy life practises.  I would recommend Liz to anybody who wants to get themselves moving with a healthy life attitude that works and is sustainable."

Louise Knowles


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