What is Health Coaching?

Let me ask you a few questions: 

  • Have you ever completed a 30 day diet plan? Was it sustainable? What did you do on day 32?

  • Do you have good food diversity in your diet?  What did you eat today, yesterday; 2 weeks ago?

  • Does your plate look like the colours of a rainbow or a snow field?

  • Is your pantry overloaded with the not so good basics…. Are they still within their ‘use by’ date?

  • Do you walk through the supermarket aisles and feel overwhelmed with the products & ingredients labels?

  • Are you suffering from information overload from the internet, social media, magazines etc about the next best fad diet you should try?

  • Do you sneak in ‘naughty foods’ when you are tired and stressed?  Is it a habit or a one off? 

  • Have you ever assessed your whole body health starting from the core including; diet, habits, food variety and exercise routine.

  • Do you want some help learning how to make sustainable healthy changes to your lifestyle?

What does a health coach do? 
Well, I am here to help you achieve your Health & Wellness Goals. You may be 60% there but struggling with the last 40%. You may have some habits that are preventing you from achieving wellness success.  Or maybe you just need some motivation! 

I believe that as people, we are all ‘works in progress’, and it’s my job to help you achieve your best YOU!  And it’s nowhere near as overwhelming as it seems. There are many simple changes you can make to begin with that make a BIG difference. And in my experience, once you begin, you develop more confidence and knowledge and your journey just gets more interesting. And achieving life-long habits for health and wellness is a journey. 

Education, inspiration, celebration! 
As a Health Coach, I’m here to help – to listen, to guide and to cheer from the sidelines as you progress towards your goals.  It’s entirely possible we’ll hit some bumps along the way and even some road blocks – life gets busy, old habits are hard to break, some days we’re more motivated than others. Hey, we’re human.  But when you get side-tracked, I’ll be there to help you identify what is happening and guide you back on track. 

And, I promise you we will celebrate all the achievements, big and small! 
We’ll work in a way that’s achievable and sustainable for you, and at a pace you’re comfortable with. Strategies will incorporate whole body health. I don’t believe in set meal plans or diets – but I will provide you with tools and methods so you can make choices that will help you work towards your goals. I have proven techniques and methods that I’ll share that are life-changing. 

Let me guide you forward to a fabulous future of whole body health! 


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